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Kayak Skramble: Home to the original kayak relay racing tournament. Don't miss out on the most fun race you've ever competed in. Sprint over the sand, paddle through the surf, then push, pull, drag, or carry your kayak back up the beach to hand it off to your teammates. And hurry up, because the clock is ticking!

Kayak Skramble hosts a number of different kayaking tournaments and outdoor competitions. Our signature race is a short distance kayak relay race over land and sea, featuring the four-man relay division, the two-man relay division, and the individual race division. All experience levels are welcome to compete. Bring your own kayak and gear, or use one of ours for no additional cost. Prizes for top finishing teams include cash prizes, new kayaks, and much more. Visit our specific tournament information page for more details. Look below to see a standard course map and course description.

Course Map

Course Description

race map

Teams are scored for time. Each team is guaranteed multiple runs. Your run times are then added together. The teams with the best times from each lane will then advance to the final round with prizes awarded to the top teams. You may choose to compete in a four-man team, two-man team, or as a solo competitor. Utilizing a two-man kayak the first two members of a four-man team sprint with the kayak from the start line to the water. They get in quickly and paddle through the waves to the turnaround buoy, paddle back to the beach, pick up the kayak and sprint back to the start point and handoff the kayak to the other two teammates who repeat the process. Two-man teams compete in the exact same manner. Solo competitors engage in the same process but without the relay portion.

Kayaks on the beach
two members of a four-man team paddle through the breakers
paddling through the waves
Kayak paddles
getting ready for some kayak racing
keeping her steady as he gets ready for a beach sprint and handoff
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