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Arya Life Throw Rope Rescue Bag with 70ft of Marine Rope.

Arya Life Throw Bags for Water Rescue.
-70' (21m) lightweight rescue line reaching a longer distance for emergency situations in swift water.
-Tensile strength of 1500 lbs provides a firm hold.
-High visibility color polypropylene line is bright, buoyant, and durable.
-Drawstring at the oxford fabric bag top makes for smoother throws and reloading.
-Internal foam keeps the bag on top of the water.

The Life Rescue Device Specification
Length of Rope: 70 feet
Diameter of Rope: 3/8 inch
Tensile Strength: 1500 lbs
Material of Rope: Polypropylene
Color: Orange
Bag: Oxford fabric

Top Tips
-Always carry a knife when out on whitewater especially if using throw rope.
-Do not put yourself in danger! One swimmer is a challenge enough. Don't make it two!
-Choose a safe place to stand to make the throw.
-Throw just beyond the swimmer and talk to them during the rescue. Let them help you. Instruct them on what to do to make the rescue as smooth and easy as possible.

Risk-Free Purchase:

If you are not happy with our rescue rope throw bag, we will replace or refund your order without any questions.

- Length: 13.31 in, Width: 6.38 in, Height: 3.82 in

Arya Life Throw Rope Rescue Bag with 70ft of Marine Rope.

SKU: ALKYRB020-OR-19766769
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